[Biopython-dev] Martel-0.5

Cayte katel at worldpath.net
Tue Jan 9 02:19:19 EST 2001

   Does the current version of Martel support backtracking?  I've been
experimenting with UniGene.  Its more variable than GenBank, so backtracking
would be useful.  It could be an option if it impacts performance too much.

  The parser gets stuck on this line:
UniGene Cluster Hs.222015

  The expression is:
unigene_title = Martel.Group( "unigene_title", Martel.Str( "UniGene Cluster
" ) +
    Martel.Re( "[A-Z]" ) + Martel.Re( "[a-z]" ) + Martel.Re( "\.\d+" ) +
    Martel.AnyEol() )

  After this it goes into a loop until it runs out of characters.


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