[Biopython-dev] regression test code

Andrew Dalke dalke at acm.org
Thu Feb 15 13:38:27 EST 2001

Brad Chapman <chapmanb at arches.uga.edu>:
>I'm using PyUnit in biopython-corba right now,
>and am happy with it. I had to hack it a little to support CORBA
>better (it wasn't possible to pass in objects and I couldn't 
>recreate every CORBA object in the setUp function), but that is
>probably just an idiosyncracy with CORBA.

You might want to bring it up on c.l.py or biopython-dev.
Apparently they are reworking it a bit to make it easier to
use for broader cases.

> I'm suddenly getting 7
>tests failing, and most of the problems look like line ending
>problems. Just curious...

Of course, the other reason to switch is then I don't need
to fix the regrtest bug with different newlines :)


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