[Biopython-dev] major refactoring

Jeffrey Chang jchang at SMI.Stanford.EDU
Thu Feb 1 01:45:50 EST 2001

Hello everybody,

I just finished a major refactoring of many of the modules.
Specifically, I moved all the instances of X/X to X/__init__.  For
example, code from Bio/Fasta/Fasta.py was moved to Bio/Fasta/__init__.py.
Because of this, import code now looks a bit cleaner, i.e.
    from Bio import Fasta
instead of
    from Bio.Fasta import Fasta

Unfortunately, this breaks existing code that imports these modules.
I've fixed all the occurrences of this in Biopython that I could find.
However, please be on the lookout in case I missed something!


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