[Biopython-dev] Bioformat module

Andrew Dalke adalke at mindspring.com
Mon Dec 31 05:36:24 EST 2001

Okay, I cleaned up the code and added support for the
embl65 format.  After fixing some bugs, I just dropped
in the new format definitions and .. poof! I was building
SeqRecords and writing FASTA.

Code is at http://www.biopython.org/~dalke/Bioformats-0.2.py

There's a small bit more cleanup to do.  And documentation.

I think it's at the stage where the code can be added
to Biopython proper.  I would like someone else to
take a look at it first, if only to try it out.  (It
wouldn't hurt to also say "Wow! That's cool!" :)

Next is to work on writing format definitions
with tags that meet some sort of API.  It really is cool
that I could just drop in the embl format definition,
which (with a minor change) met the minimal API needed
to build SeqRecords - and have everything just work.


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