[Biopython-dev] ready for release?

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Fri Dec 14 11:36:50 EST 2001

[I blather on about the modules I wrote that could be checked in]

> It all looks like useful functionality.  Please check it in, provided
> it's working!  :)

Okee dokee. Checked in. Whew. And I think it all works :-). I've checked
this on a couple of computers and on Windows, so I think all the tests
are cross-platform-good and all files are checked in. If other people 
could get the CVS and make sure all the tests pass on their computer, 
I would be very appreciative! You do need reportlab installed for 
the graphics tests to pass. (http://www.reportlab.com/download.html).

By the way, I've just checked the current CVS on Windows and all tests
pass. Yay! Thanks to everyone who worked on the cross-platform tests.

So I think we're good to go from my side, as long as I didn't
muck anything up with my checkins.


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