[Biopython-dev] Failed Tests

Gavin E. Crooks gec at compbio.berkeley.edu
Fri Dec 7 15:55:14 EST 2001

>   MetaTool worked on my system because its Windows/Dos which is not case
> sensitive.
> Ideally I should run these tests on the Unix system but I'm queasy about
> running it since I don't own the computer. (  At work we have a MITS
> department to fix crashed computers ).  The tests worked on my local system.

One possible improvement would be to use Continuous Integration.


For example, we could have a daemon that runs once a day. It would do a
clean installation, build and test of biopython, and send out warning emails
if anything goes wrong. This would ensure that tests never stay broken for
very long.

I kind of like this idea, and I may have a go at implementing it sometime.


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