[Biopython-dev] Need help debugging our python-based viewcvs.cgi

Chris Dagdigian dagdigian at blackstonecomputing.com
Wed Aug 22 13:40:45 EDT 2001

Hey folks,

Our python-based web CVS front end breaks as soon as you traverse into a 
CVSROOT and then try to click on one of the links meant to aid in 
traversing the directory tree.

The central problem is that the URLS that are constructed are wrong 
after you get to a certain depth in the CVS tree.

As an example check out:

That link will put you into biopython/Martel/formats...

Now- on that same page try clicking on one of the links next to the 
Current Directory: navigation line. The URL link back to 
biopython/biopython is just plain wrong and it causes the CGI to bomb 
out with an error. It seems to be appending extra path info to the 
arguments that get passed back to the CGI.

At this point I'm not sure if this is a python bug in the code or 
perhaps an artifact of how our our virtual website and cgi-bin 
directories are configured.

Does anyone have the spare cycles to fool around with this app and try 
to debug it? I don't know enough python to feel comfortable diving 
around in the URL contruction codebase.

I'll set up account access and permisions (if necessary) if anyone wants 
to help out in debugging this app.


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