[Biopython-dev] Notification: incoming/42

Jeffrey Chang jchang at SMI.Stanford.EDU
Thu Aug 16 01:32:16 EDT 2001

At 8:55 AM -0400 8/15/01, Brad Chapman wrote:
>Hey all;
>Bug report from J. Joung:
>>  >>I'm using GenBank NCBIDictionary to retrieve a GenBank record. 
>>The retrived
>>  >>record is missing the following information: LOCUS, DEFINITION, ACCESSION,
>>  >Is this information that's in the Genbank record?  It should be
>>  >returning whatever NCBI returns, or raising an exception.  Dropping
>>  >information would be odd.  Do you have a reproducible?  What is the
>>  >accession you're using?
>I think this is the infamous "lose the first 5 lines of the file" bug that
>popped up in biopython-1.00a2 (which would also explain why 1.00a1 works
>just file). This has been fixed in the current CVS, so the next release
>should be bug free (well, at least in regards to this bug :-).

Hey, good call!  I completely forgot about that.  It looks like we 
really should release a fix soon...


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