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From: Jeffrey Chang <jchang at SMI.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: Re: [Biopython-dev] Notification: incoming/40
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At 4:44 PM -0400 8/14/01, biopython-bugs at bioperl.org wrote:
>Full_Name: J. Joung
>I'm using GenBank NCBIDictionary to retrieve a GenBank record. The retrived
>record is missing the following information: LOCUS, DEFINITION, ACCESSION,

Is this information that's in the Genbank record?  It should be 
returning whatever NCBI returns, or raising an exception.  Dropping 
information would be odd.  Do you have a reproducible?  What is the 
accession you're using?

>Is there a way of obtaining the GenBank id from a known locuslink id in

No, we don't have any locuslink functionality at the moment.


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