[Biopython-dev] Re: [BioPython] tests failing

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Wed Aug 1 12:43:41 EDT 2001

> : The two AssertionErrors don't occur if I run the individual test script
> : only if I run it from the graphical interface, and I guess it looks like
> : the newline error you flag in the tutorial.

> Can anybody say why the AssertionErrors do not occur when the individual
> scripts are run, but only when the graphical interface is used? This
> sounds a bit weird...

Sure, if you just run the test script:

python test_SubsMat.py

the test itself runs fine. But if you add on the comparison of the
generated output to the old output, then that's where you'll get the
error (an AssertionError in this case, since the regression testing
framework just asserts that the lines are the same).

If you want to just run the regression testing stuff on a single test,
you can do:

python run_tests.py test_SubsMat

to just do SubsMat.

Back-to-work-ly yr's,

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