[Biopython-dev] Martel

Cayte katel at worldpath.net
Sun Sep 17 02:35:52 EDT 2000

   My impression of Martel is that it will require extensive testing, because it has so many paths.  The tests cover the basic expressions, but I'd be surprised if there are no weird interactions.  The code may lose its context, on complicated paths.  I could help with adding unit tests.

  In a few cases, I think the names need to be more descriptive.  Variables like p, s or av don't give a lot of information.  Also, the name "pattern" is used for too many things, that have different meanings.  The regular expression is sometimes "source" and sometimes "s".  At least, I, need all the help I can get, navigating the recursion.:)!  An example of a construct that confused me is:

    x = sre_parse.parse(s, pattern = MultigroupPattern())
    return convert_list(x.pattern, x)

  Finding self-documenting names can be hard, but sometimes the effort to find the right metaphor clarifies your thinking.

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