[Biopython-dev] next release closer (?)

Jeffrey Chang jchang at SMI.Stanford.EDU
Mon Nov 20 23:50:54 EST 2000

> > - br_regrtest saves the name of the regression test in the first line of
> > the output file.  For example, the first line of output/test_seq is
> > "test_seq".  This seems to be missing with test_prodoc.

>    Its also missing from test_seq and  test_Fasta when I run them
> standalone.  Is the test name inserted manually into the baseline files?  If
> so, I'll also have to add it to test_rebase.

br_regrtest should do it automatically.  From the biopython/Tests
directory, run:
python br_regrtest -v test_Fasta

and the first line will be 'test_seq'.

To generate the file in the output directory, do:
python br_regrtest -g test_Fasta

This will create a file in output/test_Fasta, whose first line will be
'test_Fasta'.  This will need to be verified by hand in order for the
regression tests to be accurate.

Sorry about the confusion.

>    I get an error from test_prosite.  My OS is Win98.
> test test_prosite crashed -- exceptions.TypeError : an integer is required

I don't know.  Andrew?

One thing you can try, is to run:
python test_prosite.py

and see the full stack dump that's generated.


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