[Biopython-dev] Small change to NCBIWWW

Jeffrey Chang jchang at SMI.Stanford.EDU
Sun Nov 19 12:43:54 EST 2000

Good catch!  I incorporate the fix into the CVS tree.


On Sun, 19 Nov 2000, Brad Chapman wrote:

> Hello all;
> I was using NCBIWWW.blast() to access the BLAST cgi script this
> morning and noticed that the parameters used to restrict the organism
> type to BLAST against weren't quite working right. The gi_list
> variable was included as a dictionary parameter, but wasn't actually
> being passed to the CGI script. 
> Attached is a patch which fixes this (oooh, one line fix! Very
> impressive :-). and also adds support for the LIST_ORG box in which
> you can specify an arbitrary organism to blast against (ie. other
> organisms that aren't in their pull down box).
> Let me know if anything doesn't seem right with this. Both options now 
> seem to work fine for me. Thanks!
> Brad

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