[Biopython-dev] next release closer (?)

Cayte katel at worldpath.net
Sat Nov 18 18:11:28 EST 2000

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From: "Jeffrey Chang" <jchang at SMI.Stanford.EDU>
To: <biopython-dev at biopython.org>
Sent: Friday, November 17, 2000 11:05 PM
Subject: [Biopython-dev] next release closer (?)

> - with Martel 0.35, the alignment stuff now works
> - I've fixed the Prosite and Prodoc parsers so that they now ignore
> whitespace.  Cayte, do you mind having another look at the
> test_prodoc regression test?  Please verify the results and check in the
> output file.  There's currently no output/test_prodoc
> - gobase is still failing the regression test.  The output/test_gobase
> only contains one line, and the regression tests are generating more than
> that.
   Should we change the baseline?  The extra text contains information that
tells whether gobase is providing the information it promised.


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