[Biopython-dev] 0.90-d04 coming soon...

Iddo Friedberg idoerg at cc.huji.ac.il
Thu Nov 16 05:29:33 EST 2000

Hi Brad & Jeff,

OK, here's the announcement. I think it should be cut & pasted to the
general announcement about 0.90-d04 Feel free to make changes in order to
accomodate documentation pointers, or anything else. (The Align module
accepted replacement matrix generator?) If I need to make
a more elaborate announcement, let me know.

---------------------------- CUT HERE ----------------------------------
SubsMat: a module for generating substitution matrices from user data.
Documentation is available on
http://biopython.org/wiki/html/BioPython/SubsMat.html Accepted replacement
matrices (the initial input for a substitution matrix) may be generated
using the Align module. XXX documentation pointer? XXX

FreqTable: a module for generating alphabet (amino-acid/nucleotide)
frequency tables from user data. Documentation is available on:

----------------------------- END --------------------------------------

On Wed, 15 Nov 2000, Brad Chapman wrote:

: [should SubsMat go in?]
: > Yes, if Iddo agrees as well.Please let me know if it's going in!
: Okee dokee, I just put it in, along with tests and an update on
: setup.py. Please let me know if any of the tests fail or if it gives
: you any problems.
: I'm ccing this to Iddo (not sure if he listens in on the dev list) but
: hopefully he can make a post about it on the main list and announce
: that it is in there for people to play with.
: Enjoy!
: Brad


/* --- */main(c){float t,x,y,b=-2,a=b;for(;b-=a>2?.1/(a=-2):0,b<2;
/*  |  */putchar(30+c),a+=.0503) for(x=y=c=0;++c<90&x*x+y*y<4;y=2*
/*  |  */x*y+b,x=t)t=x*x-y*y+a;}
/* --- ddo Friedberg */

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