[Biopython-dev] 0.90-d04 coming soon...

Jeffrey Chang jchang at SMI.Stanford.EDU
Fri Nov 10 20:37:05 EST 2000

Hello everybody,

I'm getting ready to make a 0.90-d04 release of Biopython.  A few things
need to be done before it:

- Brad, I've checked in your BlastErrorParser.  I'm saving the results as
a string instead of a StringHandle.  Could you please look this over and
let me know if this is working and acceptable to you?  Thanks.

- The test_gobase regression tests are failing.  The output from the
test_gobase.py file doesn't match the golden output.  Cayte, could you
look into this?

- The test_prodoc regression tests are failing.  This is mostly my fault,
as the previous version of Prodoc didn't allow copyrights at the end of
records.  However, this has been fixed.  Cayte, do you mind having another
go at the tests, and checking in the verified output?

- The test_align regression tests are failing for me.  It complains that
saxlib is missing.  Do we need to install xmllib for this?  I'm using
Python 2.0.  I thought this came with a SAX api?

- Brad, is your new similarity matrix code ready to check in?


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