[Biopython-dev] rebase

Cayte katel at worldpath.net
Sun Jul 23 15:08:04 EDT 2000

  An alternative to regular expressions, that would work with rebase, would be read_and_calls with an lstrip?  The only reason for a regular expression is lots of white space before every field.  Except for the recognition site.

  The recognition site may deserve a class of its own, with cutting sites, methyl sites, overhange, etc.?

  Some of the fields in rebase, like enzyme number and source, stay the same but some vary or appear only in a few files.  Should I use an on-the fly dictionary for the field that only appear in a few files?

  I didn't know what restriction enzymes were, but I found a web page www.csun.edu/~hcbio027/Bio572_F97/L2/Framemain2.html 
Then I could see why the rebase page showed a pair of scissors!

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