[Biopython-dev] questions for next release

Andrew Dalke dalke at acm.org
Sat Dec 16 21:40:30 EST 2000

>- Andrew, is Martel under source code control?

Yes, CVS.

> Do you want to develop it as part of the biopython CVS (and
> release), or do you want it to be a dependency that's bundled
> and installed together?

I would rather it be the latter.  I expect people will want
to use Martel independent of the other biopython code.  I can
move the development repository to biopython.org.  My concerns
with that are two-fold.  First, I haven't figured out how to
connect to my ISP from under Linux, so I don't have a direct
connection to the rest of the world.  That makes it hard to
talk to CVS.

Second, supposing an update to a newer distribution fixes
my problem, I do most of my work on my laptop which isn't
always connected to the rest of the world.  I habitually
CVS commit a lot more frequently than I connect and I worry
about how that will affect my development habits.

>- Are we going to use/bundle mxTextTools 1.2?

Martel should work fine with 1.1.1 or 1.2, so the first is
not a concern.  I'll ask Marc-Andre about his release plans.

>- setup.py now accepts earlier versions (<0.8?) of distutils.
> Should we require the version that comes with Python 2.0?

Yes.  We have other dependencies now on 2.0 than just setup.py

>- Any objections to moving more code into __init__.py?  For
> example, the code in Prosite/Prosite.py would be moved to
> Prosite/__init__.py.  This would definitely BREAK CODE, but
> the fix would be trivial.

I have no problems, but I think I'm the one who introduced
using __init__.py to biopython so I'm not the best of sources.

Brad correctly pointed out that some people don't know about
that use so may get somewhat confused about it.  As I recall,
others here and elsewhere have had that problem so it shouldn't
be ignored.

On the other hand, I have had problems with another library
which had a module of the form "X.X" (like Prosite.Prosite).
In that case I needed to get elements from X and from X.X.
That has to be done with

import X.X
import X

a = X.X.a
b = X.b

The "import X.X" is needed to load X.X then the "import X"
is needed to bring the top-level module into the local namespace.

What this means is if you have Prosite/Prosite.py then do not
put anything into Prosite/__init__.py and vice versa.

>  If this does happen, does anyone know how to move code
> between files without losing the CVS logs of the changes?

I don't know.  Also, is there any way to import the CVS logs
of Martel?

>- Should we check in Brad's new GenBank code?

I think Brad and I still need to do a bit more work on the
parser definition.  Neither his original code nor my modified
version pass the "fully parses an NCBI file" although it's
getting pretty close.

A related question, and one which was raised earlier, is,
where should the format definitions be located in biopython?
There are also database specific builders (which convert the
format definitions to a database specific data structure) and
generic builders (eg, which make a generic data structure
but possibly discarding some data).

>- Andrew, I've submitted a bug report (more of a feature request)
>in Jitterbug about making the regression tests indifferent to
>EOL conventions.  This would be nice if people are developing
>and testing on different platforms, which breaks the tests.
>Could you look at it and let me know what you think?

Umm, I don't see it.  There are none assigned to me ... Oh!
with br_regrtest.  Sorry, I thought you were talking about
Martel.  Some of it's regression tests are also newline
specific.  Okay, it shouldn't be too hard.  Could either see
what changes are in the 2.0 distribution or replace the line
reader with something which understands the different styles.

Jeff in a reply to Brad:
> Are you also including Andrew's location parser?

Remember, that parser hasn't been seriously tested.  Also,
including it requires inclusion of SPARK.  That's not hard
because it's a single, pure-python file.  I think it should
be included because of its general usefulness and because
it isn't a real distribution in its own right.

                    dalke at acm.org

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