[Biopython-dev] questions for next release

Jeffrey Chang jchang at SMI.Stanford.EDU
Wed Dec 13 18:19:10 EST 2000

Hello everybody,

The plan was to try and get out a relatively quick release with Martel &
mxTextTools bundled in.  There's a few things we need to work out as this
is happening:

- Andrew, is Martel under source code control?  Do you want to develop it
as part of the biopython CVS (and release), or do you want it to be a
dependency that's bundled and installed together?

- Are we going to use/bundle mxTextTools 1.2?

- setup.py now accepts earlier versions (<0.8?) of distutils.  Should we
require the version that comes with Python 2.0?  This would simplify the
script, I think.

- Any objections to moving more code into __init__.py?  For example, the
code in Prosite/Prosite.py would be moved to Prosite/__init__.py.  This
would definitely BREAK CODE, but the fix would be trivial.  If this does
happen, does anyone know how to move code between files without losing the
CVS logs of the changes?

- Should we check in Brad's new GenBank code?

- ... and Brad's SeqFeature classes?

- Andrew, I've submitted a bug report (more of a feature request) in
Jitterbug about making the regression tests indifferent to EOL
conventions.  This would be nice if people are developing and testing on
different platforms, which breaks the tests.  Could you look at it and let
me know what you think?

- Anyone good with Distutils and think they can get Martel and mxTextTools
to install with biopython?  :)


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