[Biopython-dev] xbbtools + CVS

Thomas Sicheritz-Ponten thomas at genome.cbs.dtu.dk
Sat Dec 2 10:20:47 EST 2000

Hej Brad,

> Hmmm, I think it should be:

> cvs -d :ext:thomas at biopython.org:/home/repository/biopython co

thx - that worked !

> > (Is anybody working on modules for reading and writing different sequence
> > formats ?)
> Well, my project for the weekend is starting on a GenBank parser using 
> the new stuff from Martel. I've gotten started and hope (maybe) to
> have something that people could test a little bit once the weekend 
> is finished. What kind of formats are you looking to parse?

All of them :-) - I need it for my graphical sequence editor for reading and 
writing the edited sequence in different formats.
(In biowish I included part of the readseq code as a shared c-library)


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