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                      Objects in Bio- & Chem-Informatics 2001 (OiBC)
                                  July 9 and 10, 2001
                    Sheraton Ferncroft Resort, Danvers, Massachusetts, USA

Following in the tradition of the successful 'Objects in Bioinformatics'
conferences held in Hinxton, UK in 1997 and 98 and in San Jose, California
in 1999, Objects in Bio- & Chem-informatics 2001 focuses on the role of
object-oriented technology, reusable software components, ontologies,
design patterns, and distributed computing in life sciences research. The
conference is aimed at developers, integrators, and users of
object-oriented software for the biological and chemical research community
in both academia and industry. The overall theme of the conference is
sharing best practices for implementing object-based systems in life
sciences research. The conference will include lectures and poster sessions
on the application of these technologies to bioinformatics,
cheminformatics, genomics, structural biology, proteomics, computational
biology, and related disciplines.

The program will include presentations of current work from:

 ArQule                                  NetGenics
 Azara                                   Object Management Group
 BioAnalyte                              open-bio.org
 Biogen                                  Physiome Sciences
 Blackstone Technology Group             San Diego Supercomputer Center
 Crystallics                             Sandia National Laboratories
 Doubletwist                             Sanger Centre
 European Bioinformatics Institute       Scripps Research Institute
 GlaxoSmithKline                         Synomics
 IBM Research                            Thermo LabSystems
 Incyte Genomics                         3rd Millennium
 Keio University                         University of Cambridge
 Life Science Informatics Solutions      University of Colorado
 LION Bioscience                         University of Connecticut
 Los Alamos National Laboratory          University of Massachusetts
 Millennium Pharmaceuticals              Virtek
 National Institute of                   Weizmann Institute of Science
   Standards and Technology               Wyeth Ayerst Research

OiBC 2001 will be held in conjunction with OMG's Technical Committee (TC)
Meeting Week in Danvers, Massachusetts (19 miles north of Boston).
Attendees of OiBC-2001 are also invited to attend the OMG TC Meeting in its
entirety and view first hand OMG's standards adoption process in action.
During these meeting weeks, members will apply OMG's open, vendor-neutral,
consensus-building standardization process to set industry software
standards in domains such as Life Sciences Research, Telecommunications,
Manufacturing, Human Resources, and Healthcare.

The full agenda and presentation abstracts, as well as hotel and
registration information for OiBC 2001 are available at
www.omg.org/lsr/oibc.  To learn more about the initiatives underway with
the Life Science Research Domain Task Force, see their roadmap at