[Bioperl-l] RFC: Bio::App::SELEX::RNAmotifAnalysis

Christopher Bottoms bottomsc at missouri.edu
Wed Sep 12 03:02:49 UTC 2012

Dear Leon and Chris,

Thanks for your feedback.

Leon, I made several Improvements based on your feedback. Now, a
wrapper script is used instead of the module file itself. FASTQ files
are an acceptable input format. And the installer was improved. I
found that installing Module::Build before our module cleared up
issues with several dependencies. I think that our instructions for
using cpanminus effectively give the same results as using local::lib.
 As for Alien packages, I would really like to work on them, but the
time (i.e. funding) is currently too limited.

Chris,  Yes, the "App" part of the proposed name was chosen because
this is designed more to be an application than to be modules to be
reused. I fully intend to support this distribution myself. If you
think it better to separate it more from the BioPerl namespace, I have
considered calling it App::Bio::SELEX::RNAmotifAnalysis. What do
you think?

I plan to upload tomorrow if there aren't any objections.

Christopher Bottoms

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