[Bioperl-l] genbank/embl format ebnf or other formal description

Fields, Christopher J cjfields at illinois.edu
Sat Sep 8 03:39:44 UTC 2012

Re: Genbank, the only know specification I know of is for the feature table portion of the format as you have below.  They do have a (possibly out of date) example file, note it isn't easily found unless you search for it:


EMBL is better in this regard:


Note that UniProt Knowledgebase also has a user manual outlining the similarities and differences with EMBL:



On Sep 7, 2012, at 9:28 PM, Dan Kortschak <dan.kortschak at adelaide.edu.au> wrote:

> Hello, this is slightly off-topic, but bioperl devs seemed like the most
> likely people to get an answer to this from.
> Is there an ebnf or other formal description of the genbank and embl
> formats available some where. The only thing I can find is the verbosity
> describing them in English at [1]. 
> thanks
> Dan
> [1]http://www.insdc.org/documents/feature_table.html
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