[Bioperl-l] multiple inheritance

Nathan (Nat) Goodman natg at shore.net
Wed Jul 30 16:54:06 EDT 2003

Hi Jason

> Hmm - how should we solve the multiple inheritance when we 
> want to chain both constructors.
>    A
>   / \
>   B C
>   \ /
>    D

Damian's NEXT doesn't actually do the right thing either.  I had an
extensive email conversation with Damian and Paul Fenwick about this
last fall (Nov 2002).  I can forward this to you.  I haven't checked
whether it works right in Perl 5.8.

I have a somewhat kludgy solution that does work.  It's in
Bio::Root::AutoClass checked into CVS under branch-1-2-collection
(freaky-dev).  Note that the POD is in a separate file in the same
directory.  It does more than you're asking for -- also autogenerates
simple accessor methods, and does argument processing a little
differently than Bio::Root::Root.  I'd be happy to extract the
constructor invocation code and package that up separately if it does
what you want.  Of course, you're welcome to do this yourself if you


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