[Bioperl-l] distant thoughts from a dinosaur...

Chris Mungall cjm at fruitfly.org
Fri Jul 25 16:02:32 EDT 2003

I think this is a great idea - at least a one or two day codefest if not a
full hackathon.

Finding a place for us all to meet/code may be difficult midweek. It
depends how many people can make it. a pre-GMOD meeting on sunday 14th
would be easier.

I will actually have some prototypes to show by this time

On Wed, 23 Jul 2003, Hilmar Lapp wrote:

> There is a GMOD mtg scheduled for Sep 15-16 in Berkeley. I thought that
> might be a good idea for that seed group of people to meet up and start
> thrashing out a bioperl2 model, since some (many?) of us may be going
> there anyway.
> And/or wouldn't this be a very good target for a sponsored hackathon,
> since 1) there'd be a clearly defined goal, which 2) could be achieved
> much better and much more efficient once the participating people are
> locked into a room for some time.
> Ahem, no, I'm not going to suggest a sponsor ...
> I believe MAGE-stk has had fairly good success with their hackathons
> which I believe were self-sponsored by the participants except that the
> hosting institution (which changed from one to another hackathon) would
> provide facilities and network. This of course only works if everybody
> travels domestic within the US and there is reasonably priced
> accommodation available. For bioperl2, the group of people would be
> small.
> Any opinions Chris/Lincoln/Nat/Chris, or anybody else?
> 	-hilmar

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