[Bioperl-l] interface to Darwin?

Matthew Betts Matthew.Betts at ii.uib.no
Thu Jul 17 18:48:35 EDT 2003


Does anyone know of a Perl interface to Darwin 
(http://cbrg.inf.ethz.ch/Darwin/) from Gaston Gonnet's group? This would 
be useful because Darwin has some handy functions for working with 
sequences, particularly in an evolutionary context, but I think the 
general scripting capabilities are much better in perl.

It's not just a question of parsing output from darwin programs - there's 
interfacing with the scripting side to do too. It would be really good to 
be able to pipe to and from a darwin session, but, from what I've read 
about IPC::Open2 and IPC::Open3, that can be quite dangerous.

If there's nothing around already, I'd be really grateful for any advice 
on the most relevant bioperl modules to look at as a guide on how to do 



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