[Bioperl-l] Re: Bioperl-run release policy

Shawn Hoon shawnh at fugu-sg.org
Thu Jul 3 18:34:38 EDT 2003

On Thursday, July 3, 2003, at 09:32  AM, Heikki Lehvaslaiho wrote:

> Shawn,
> The page that need to be modified (and will be once 1.2.2 is out next
> week) is:
>   http://www.bioperl.org/Core/Latest/index.shtml

Ok I will modify this page if its okay.

> There is a more general problem: the run module is in the dowload page
> but it is not announced anywhere.
> In my opinion we should:
> 1. Include mention of the run module everywhere the main bioperl
>    module is mentioned.
> 2. Release the run in sync with the core.
>    I remember that there was some talk that the run cvs module
>    should be merged into core for releases. That has not happend
>    in the 1.2 series.

>    We've got two options:
>    a) include run into 1.2.2 bioperl release
This is doable.

A couple of modules will need to be added to bioperl 1.2.2 to be in 
sync with bioperl-run-1-2-0.
In particular:

The following modules was added after the bioperl1.2 was released
and is required for bioperl-run-1-2-0

1) Bio::Tools:Promoterwise
2) Bio::Factory::AnalysisI
3) Bio::AnalysisI

All tests pass for me with bioperl-1.2.2rc1 after adding these modules.

Some bug fixes also have happened after the bioperl-run-1-2-0 release, 
should I create a bug fix branch , bioperl-run-branch-1-2 ?


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