[Bioperl-l] online Python course for Bioinformatics

Katja Schuerer schuerer@pasteur.fr, letondal@pasteur.fr
Thu, 6 Jun 2002 16:28:08 +0200


We have just finished to taught a Python course for Bioinformatics and we have
thought that the online support
could be useful to others, even for bioperlers :-)

This course is designed for Biologists who already have some programming
knowledge, in other languages such as perl or C. For this reason,
while presenting a substantial introduction to the Python language, it does
not constitute an introduction to programming itself.
What distinguishes this course from general Python introductory courses,
is however the important focus on biological examples that are used throughout
the course, as well as the suggested exercises drawn from the field of Biology.
The second half of the course describes the Biopython
(http://www.biopython.org/) set of modules. This course can be considered a
complement to the Biopython tutorial, and what's more often refers to it,
by bringing practical exercises using these components.

Katja Schuerer <schuerer@pasteur.fr>
Catherine Letondal <letondal@pasteur.fr>