BioWidget meeting

Steve A. Chervitz
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 13:30:19 -0700 (PDT)

I recieved a message from Alan Robinson, the organizer of the EBI 
BioWidget meeting, asking if I would be willing to give a to give a talk 
on Bioperl. I told him yes and that it might be tag-team style talk. I'm 
perfectly willing to split the talk with any of you who will be there. If 
I'm the only speaker, I could touch on the Bioperl work you all have done 
in addition to talking about my own work.

We need to submit a title ASAP and an abstract by 18 May. Since 
this is going to be a community effort, how does this sound for a title:
"Bioperl: Object-Oriented Perl Modules for Bioinformatics". It's general 
since the content of the talk is still not nailed down. I'll try to come 
up with an initial outline/abstract soon. If any of you have specific 
suggestions for the plan of the talk, i.e., what should definitely be 
included/excluded, let me know.  

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