[Bio-packaging] GEM_PATH

David Thompson davet at gnu.org
Tue Jul 7 12:25:42 UTC 2015

pjotr.public66 at thebird.nl writes:

> We are using this now:
>> GEM_PATH=/home/pjotrp/.guix-profile/lib/ruby/gems/2.2.0/ 
> One of the BAD things of Rubygems is that there is no isolation
> between ruby versions and their gems. What we are doing here allows
> nokogiri to be installed in isolation for 2.1 series and 2.2 series,
> but not for minor numbers. I think that is wrong. We should at least
> allow for the minor number and patch level.
> So
>   GEM_PATH=/home/pjotrp/.guix-profile/lib/ruby/gems/2.1.6p34/ 
> makes more sense to me. Even better we use the Guix hash. So for
> /gnu/store/c13v73jxmj2nir2xjqaz5259zywsa9zi-ruby-2.1.6/bin/ruby it
> would become 
>   GEM_PATH=/home/pjotrp/.guix-profile/lib/ruby/gems/c13v73jxmj2nir2xjqaz5259zywsa9zi-ruby-2.1.6/
> How does that ring to you? Or maybe the shorter form
>   GEM_PATH=/home/pjotrp/.guix-profile/lib/ruby/gems/c13v73jxm-ruby-2.1.6/
> It would guarantee isolation of gems. No more rvm/rubygem/etc hell.

This is what profiles and 'guix environment' are for.  You cannot
install two versions of Ruby to a single profile without major
collisions.  You should make profiles for each Ruby environment that you
want to use.

David Thompson
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