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Fri Apr 24 15:52:18 EDT 2009

Hello Mike,

Try uninstalling/reinstalling using the following procedure.

a) You should use the add/remove programs method, not manual deletion
   of the mEMBOSS folder.
   If you didn't use add/remove programs then reinstall mEMBOSS and
   then remove it immediately using add/remove programs
b) Now you can manually delete any remaining mEMBOSS folders that
   are left.
c) Search your computer for any files called 'jemboss.properties'
   and delete any that are found.
d) Check that the following 4 Environment Variables have been removed
   from the 'System Variables' section of:
    My Computer->Properties->Advanced->Environment Variables


   if they appear then delete them.

   While you are looking in that section of the environment variables
   check that the 'Path' entry looks OK, is not empty, and doesn't refer
   to any old/corrupt installations. Edit if necessary.

e) It should now be OK to reinstall mEMBOSS. As the installation states,
   it is essential that you choose an installation destination having the
   property that there are no space characters between the drive letter
   and that folder nor within the folder name itself.
   If it still doesn't work then check that the 4 environment variables
   above have been created and point at/within your installation
   folder and that the 'Path' variable has an entry for your installation
   folder too.



> I am trying to re-run mEMBOSS on a WinXP SP3 machine.
> The software worked for a several months - then quit running.
> Clicking on the "Launch JEMBOSS" icon produces an brief hourglass then
> nothing. No error messages, just nothing.
> I have reinstalled JAVA (ver 6 update 13) and resinstalled mEMBOSS (6.0.1
> and setup files) to no avail.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Mike McCaffery
> mwm at ifas.ufl.edu
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