[BioRuby] official announcement move of bioruby from CVS to git

Jan Aerts jan.aerts at gmail.com
Tue Sep 2 11:46:43 EDT 2008


We can finally tell you that bioruby has officially moved from CVS to
git. Development on CVS will be discontinued. Please use the git
repository at http://github.com/bioruby/bioruby from now on.

How do I get bioruby?
Nothing has changed for how to obtain bioruby. At least for the
released versions. You can still do a "gem install bio" to get the
latest release as we will continue to make the gem available through
rubyforge. Alternatively, it will become possible (but not yet) to
install the gem directly from github: "gem sources -a
http://gems.github.com" followed by a "gem install bioruby-bio".

The story is different if you want to get the latest development
version. Instead of doing a 'cvs checkout' or 'cvs export' as you used
to do, you can clone the online git repository with "git clone
git://github.com/bioruby/bioruby.git". The 'cvs update' you used to do
should now be changed to a "git pull".

How do I contribute to bioruby?
Contributing to bioruby should be much easier with git than it was
with CVS. See this blog post
for guidelines. Basically, you clone the repository locally and send a
patch or a pull request. Moreover, if you use the 'fork' button on the
github website, your clone will be on the github system as well and
your development can be followed by everyone (see
http://github.com/bioruby/bioruby/network), which is a Good Thing(TM).

For a guideline on how to format your commit messages nicely, see
here: http://www.tpope.net/node/106

Thanks to everyone who cloned the repository and started developing.
Keep up the good work.

jan. (also for Naohisa Goto)

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