[Biopython] using efetch to return mesh terms

Andrew Dalke dalke at dalkescientific.com
Fri Nov 30 23:34:56 UTC 2012

On Dec 1, 2012, at 12:10 AM, Peter Cock wrote:
> I see Andrew Dalke (who has made many contributions to Biopython
> in the past) has in the last hour given you some useful advice here:

Technically I'm on this list as well, but I skip just about every
email since I haven't done nuts&bolts bioinformatics for over 5 years. ;)

I don't even check SO all that often, but I posted a question the
other day and I check to see if anyone has answered - and I just
happened to come across this one on the top recent Python questions.


				dalke at dalkescientific.com

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