[BioPython] RV: variations in a mRNA (was EUtils)

Bonis Sanz, Julio JBonis at imim.es
Wed Nov 10 06:24:44 EST 2004

I sent a message to NCBI Help desk and they responded this. No so much help, but I will try to understand now how biopython works with elink to try to solve my problem.

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Dear NCBI user,

if you click on Links -> SNP for this sequence, you'll be linked to 310


the same result you'll get if you do this via e-utilities call:


Hope this helps,
NCBI Help desk

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Dear Sirs, 

I am building an application that tries to retrieve all the SNPs contained
in a 
given gene.

I am using this URI:


that is the gene for HTR2A human receptor....

I only get 7 variations (SNPs)... 

But if you go to 


You can see that there are several more SNPs (intron ones and synonims ones

What I want is to retrieve by EUtils ALL the SNPs in a given gene, but I am
sure of the parameters to send to the EUtils 

Any help will be appreciated.

Julio Bonis Sanz MD
Research Group on Biomedical Informatics GRIB: http://www.imim.es/grib/

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