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Hi all,

We may need to update Bio.Entrez for EFetch v2.0 soon, although at first
glance there is nothing that will obviously cause trouble...


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Upcoming Release of EFetch version 2.0

In November 2011 NCBI plans to release version 2.0 of EFetch. The
major changes and updates are as follows:

·         EFetch now supports the following databases: biosample,
biosystems and sra

·         EFetch now has defined default values for &retmode and
&rettype for all supported databases (please see Table 1 for all
supported values of these parameters)

·         EFetch no longer supports &retmode=html; requests containing
&retmode=html will return data using the default &retmode value for
the specified database (&db)

·         EFetch requests including &rettype=docsum will return XML
data equivalent to ESummary output

Details about EFetch can be found at

An updated, complete listing of supported &rettype and &retmode values
can be found at

Release notes about this and future releases can be found at

Please write to info at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov if you have any questions about
these changes.

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