[Biopython-dev] docstring tests

Michiel de Hoon mjldehoon at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 11 01:06:38 UTC 2009

Hi everybody,

I included the code to run the docstring tests to run_tests.py, which means that now they're run after the test_*.py tests have finished:

test_seq ... ok
test_translate ... ok
test_trie ... ok
test_triefind ... ok
Bio.Seq docstring test ... ok
Bio.SeqRecord docstring test ... ok
Bio.SeqIO docstring test ... ok
Bio.Align.Generic docstring test ... ok
Bio.AlignIO docstring test ... ok
Bio.KEGG.Compound docstring test ... ok
Bio.KEGG.Enzyme docstring test ... ok
Bio.Wise docstring test ... ok
Bio.Wise.psw docstring test ... ok
Bio.Statistics.lowess docstring test ... ok
Ran 107 tests in 97.191 seconds

Previously, this code was in test_docstrings.py, but it's easier to do this from run_tests.py because doctest can create a unittest-style test suite directly. This also means that if your module contains docstring tests, you should include the module name to DOCTEST_MODULES near the top of run_tests.py (instead of to test_docstrings.py).

I've uploaded the new run_tests.py to CVS so people can try it, but we can revert to the previous version of run_tests.py if preferred. If there are no issues with this approach, we can remove test_docstrings.py.



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