[Bioperl-l] ./Build install doesn't install bioperl-run

Dave Messina David.Messina at sbc.su.se
Sun Jun 6 10:16:20 EDT 2010

> My perl is installed in a directory in my home. I think that bioperl
> will be installed in the directory in the perl directory in my home,
> right?

Hmm, I think you still have to tell Build that you want it to install in your private directory.

Have you read



> BTW, the following web address better be changed to 'Using_git".
> http://www.bioperl.org/wiki/Using_Subversion

Actually, the page is Using_git, but we're redirecting Using_Subversion to it; that's why it looks like URL is wrong.

Also, I think we tried to change all of the links on the website to point to Using_git. May I ask where did you see — that is, how did you come to — the link to Using_subversion?

>> Can you post the whole transcript of your failed install?
> I assume that you are asking the Build script. Please see the
> attachment. Let me know if you mean something else.

No, I mean could you copy and paste the command line text showing the commands you ran (starting with 'perl Build.PL' and up to and including './Build install'), and including the output from running those commands?


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