[Bioperl-l] get_dbfrom document

Dave Messina David.Messina at sbc.su.se
Fri Jun 4 19:21:41 EDT 2010

> I'm not sure what get_db() is but I only see get_db.
> Is get_db the same as get_db()?


Think about how you call most functions. They take arguments in parentheses after their name.

Such as:

	my $string = join("\t", @array);

"\t" and @array are arguments to the join function.


	my $lowercase_string = lc("MY UPPERCASE STRING");

"MY UPPERCASE STRING" is an argument to the lc function.

So in Perl we often write join() or lc() to indicate that join() and lc() are functions.

> If this is true, then get_dbfrom is not an alias for
> get_db, because I get different result for the two variables.

>From looking at the code, I think you're right.

get_db() and get_dbto() are aliases for get_database(), all of which refer to the queried database.

But get_dbfrom() gives you the referring database, that is the database linked from (as pointed out in the synopsis.

Fixed this.


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