[Bioperl-l] bioperl-dev goes live!

Mark A. Jensen maj at fortinbras.us
Sat Mar 28 01:08:25 EDT 2009

Hi All-

I pleased to announce the maiden voyage of bioperl-dev. I have
put up a stubby distribution skeleton under bioperl-dev/trunk in 
the Subversion repository. I will let you visit it for the details, but--

Some highlights: 
- the HEAD revision of Bio/Root/* is present in full, as is
- the HEAD revision of t/lib/*, and
- the README that I reproduce below

The idea behind bioperl-dev, as I understand from 
Chris, is to provide a sort of sandbox for experimental
code. Adventuresome users should feel free to play with 
the code there, but not expect much in the way of support, 
bug fixes, and the like. There be dragons there. When a 
bioperl-dev module graduates to the core, then the usual 
support mechanisms kick in. 

Devs please make yourselves comfy there, and modify
the structure to suit. I believe it will be most useful (and
easiest to integrate installations into working copies of 
the trunk) if the Bio/ subtree mimics the trunk namespace
(with respect to existing modules) as much as possible.
And if I'm really off-base someplace, please fix it and/or 
let me know.



$Id: README 15616 2009-03-28 04:49:43Z maj $

o Version

 This is bioperl-dev version 1.6.9, a developer release.

o Description 
 bioperl-dev contains experimental modules intended to expand the
 Bioperl envelope. New ideas for future point and stable releases
 are being explored here. Interested users are encouraged to 
 give these a try, keeping in mind the following points:

 o the modules here will likely depend on the current HEAD 
   revision of Bioperl (bioperl-live/trunk); a release version 
   may not suffice;

 o documentation is likely to be spotty at best;
 o the code should be considered unsupported, though a polite email
   to the dev it likely to elicit a positive response;

 o the code should not be considered "production quality"; when this
   level is reached, bioperl-dev modules will graduate to the 
   core or the appropriate specialty package.

 See the Changes file for more information about what is contained in

o Installation

 See the accompanying INSTALL file for details on installing
o Feedback

Write down any problems or praise and send them to 
bioperl-l at bioperl.org  ;-)

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