[Bioperl-l] perl 5.10 released

Dave Messina David.Messina at sbc.su.se
Wed Dec 19 11:44:06 EST 2007

Hi everyone,

Perl 5.10 builds fine and passes all tests on my PB G4 running OS X 10.5.1.
Piece o' cake.

Here are results of testing BioPerl on this virgin install:

I downloaded the latest CVS tarball. I did 'perl Build.PL', which used CPAN
to install a bunch of dependencies. I then did 'Build test'. For the most
part everything was fine.

- Bio::Biblio::IO::medlinexml throws an exception because XML::Parser isn't

- RNA_SearchIO fails a few tests.

- Bio::Ontology::SimpleGOEngine::GraphAdaptor throws an exception because
Graph::Directed isn't installed.

- Spidey fails one test.

And of course without the optional dependencies installed, many tests were

I'll now go back and install the optional dependencies and do the network
tests, but it looks like for the most part we play nice with the new Perl.


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