[Biojava-dev] JUnit

Michael Heuer heuermh at acm.org
Mon Jan 7 19:36:04 EST 2008

Andreas Prlic wrote:

> > What do people think about adding the JUnit jar to the test directory
> > of the biojava-live repository and make the appropriate changes to the
> > ant classpath?  This would make it easier for people to test the
> >
> I would suggest to move all the jar files where we have dependencies
> on into a common subdirectory.
> e.g something called "libs" or "jars"

Using maven would resolve all of these issues.

Or alternatively, a maven build can create an ant build.xml that downloads
its dependencies from the maven central repository


or there is Ivy for ant, which can be configured to use the maven central


The 'lib' directory doesn't really have a place any more.


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